[brey-zuh n]

    1. bold and without shame.
    2. shameless.

    1. Defiant
    2. Bold
    3. Insolent

“Bold and without shame.” I cannot think of a better way to describe successful  leadership today. Too many are taking the milquetoast, timid approach… and they are losing. To quote Bob Newhart, Stop It!

It’s time to take back leadership. To remember that leadership is a responsibility, an obligation and a noble calling; that those who follow us don’t need a buddy, commiserator or simpatico. They didn’t show up looking for a friend—they need us to lead. And that means doing so outwardly… decisively… boldly.

Sure, we should be understanding, and empathy is a hallmark of a successful leader. But being in front means sometimes you get in people’s face. Sometimes tough-love is the best love. And sometimes—just sometimes—it means the loneliness that comes from making the hard calls. The decisions that are best for people and organizations, even if not immediately popular.

It means being bold, and without any shame whatsoever.

It means being The Brazen Leader.

Join me in this journey. I’ll be open, honest and direct; you can be the same. Respond, comment, yell, scream, send smoke signals—whatever works. Dialog can—should—be a bit messy. Let’s do that here.

I stand ready to help in any way.

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