California: Stupid is as stupid does…

Ok, I don’t usually obsess with these things, but the morons in charge of California may very easily qualify for idiot(s) of the year.

$26B deficit facing them; handing out “IOUs” like they were playground buddies to responsible vendors, and now patting themselves on the back for finally agreeing to a budget compromise that doesn’t fix a damn thing…

Is anyone in charge there. Hello? Bueller? Is this thing on???

First, never mind that through all this hoopla and pseudo-effort, they still didn’t do enough (even using their funny math) to eradicate the deficit.


And their über-ingenious plan? A proposed $15B in cuts (all who believe that will happen, raise your hand), borrowing $4B from local governments, and early collection of some taxes (aka “borrowing” from taxpayers), and shifting $1B of payroll for state employees into next year (aka “borrowing” from employees).

Lemme see if I got this… You are fixing a shortfall in available funds by borrowing money from constituents whom (a) you already owe money, and (b) are experiencing financial crises of their own. And even with this dumb reasoning, you still come up short??

Someone please stop the madness. this hole isn’t just getting deeper, it’s getting wider. Wanna be in politics? Go west, young man. Leadership abilities not required…

But that’s just me…


Kevin Berchelmann

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