Change is good… To WHOM???

Frequently, we wonder Why don’t these people get it? Can’t they understand that this change is good? That we all will be better for it??

Well, in a word, NO.

“They” don’t understand because we’ve done a lousy job explaining this change to them. And probably the three thousand changes that occurred just before this one. Yes, our folks did notice those myriad changes before.

Some of which were successful, many were not.

Remember, there’s only two people who really, truly, no-kidding, appreciate change at face value: The person controlling the change, and the person(s) personally benefiting from it.

Everyone else needs to be sold on the advantages, purpose, and reasons for the change(s). Note to Leader: That’s your job.

As usual, success in leadership distills down into the most basic form — communication.

Until later…


Kevin Berchelmann

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