Coffe Break

So, what’s up with Starbucks?

Sales are down, so they schedule a training day and whack the U.S. boss? I don’t get it.

Not that this “economy” stuff really keeps me up at night, but I would think that a $5 cup of joe could be at risk if household finances get snug… not sure that training all the servers and replacing the U.S. President (oops, my bad; she “resigned to spend more time with her family”) will change that.

Now, I’m obviously “into” professional development, so the training part had merit, as a continuing effort, not a stand-alone –things-will-be different event. Problem is, they didn’t clarify to their public, so all these bloggers and news folks are saying “I don’t see any difference.”

And then they ticked me off… I get a half-dozen emails a week from Starbucks; they couldn’t TELL me they were closing stores for a half-day? Geez louise…


Kevin Berchelmann

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