Entitlement tips

This kills me.

A while back, I posted about the ridiculous notion of those absurd tip jars you see popping up at every service establishment. The saga continues.

Seems now, with the rise of debit card use (swipe and go), these purveyors of the $5 cup o’ java feel they are really being slighted now. Apparently, if you believe the article’s author and sources, people tip less when using a debit card.

My response? No, they don’t. They simply tip more accurately.

Many (self-included) use debit cards for all manner of transactions — dinner, airfare, gadgets, etc. I still tip handsomely for good service — when warranted.

Me getting out of my car, standing in line to order, paying, then standing in line to receive my order, hardly justifies a tip in any language. Some say, “well, they take extra care in making my coffee.” Are you kidding me??! You’re already paying nearly a minimum wage hour for that ONE cup of coffee — how much “extra care” can possibly be warranted??

I say, “let them eat cake.” Or drink coffee. Or whatever the best way to paraphrase that message…

And in the interest of full disclosure, the Starbucks mentioned in my earlier blog DID, in fact, finally remove the tip jar from the drive-in window. that’s something, I suppose.


Kevin Berchelmann

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