Flight Attendants — unaccountable nazis in the sky…

Airline flight attendants are a bastion of idiotic anachronisms and misguided priorities. They start off by saying their “primary job is our safety…”


The “safety” line, that many of them wear like a freakin’ shield to ward off demanding customers — oh, I’m sorry, “passengers” — is way past stupid. 95%++ of their job is about customer comfort; what occupation would allow you to do only 5% of your job well and remain employed??

Now, we’ve given people with a history of poor performance a bigger sword to wield: The Patriot Act. Included were two key provisions on airline security, both responsible for the unseemly application of the “Law of Unintended Consequences.”

The first defined ANY PASSENGER disruptive behavior as a terrorist act; The second broadened existing criminal law so that any attempt or conspiracy to “interfere with a flight crew” became a felony. And guess who determines if that interference exists? You guessed it — The blue-suited, wing-wearing bastion of customer non-service parked in the galley.

I generally sit in first class due to frequent flyer upgrades. The only real advantages are free drinks and bigger seats — the service, by and large, is the same.

They need help, of the customer-attentive kind.

But that’s just me…


Kevin Berchelmann

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