Hottie Rating… You’re a 10!!

Ok, not really “hottie rating,” but you’re reading, so my word choice didn’t kill you.

Performance Review Ratings. I get this all the time… 5 point scale? 10-point? How about 100 (yes, I’ve seen these).

This question is asked daily, it seems, by companies everywhere.

First, understand that the emphasis is on performance management, not performance reviews. The difference is staggering. So, here goes. What are the best ratings?

3 is best, 5 is ok, any more than that is simply subterfuge.

First, some realities:

  1. There are really only three performance results: (a) Below expectations, (b) Meets expectations, and (c) Exceeds expectations. All else are provided for comfort, not accuracy.
  2. The ratings aren’t the key, so don’t spend an inordinate amount of time here. Performance management, conversations, dialog, and setting expectations ARE keys, so there’s the real focus.
  3. Performance management is a relatively simple process. We complicate it (perhaps somewhat necessarily) with performance reviews, so minimize those complications as much as possible. Simple is always better.

Help managers learn how to manage performance first; reviews, then, merely memorialize performance conversations. They are the END of the process, not the beginning.

But that’s just me.


Kevin Berchelmann

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