HR 2.0 — Logical connection to Web 2.0??

I see HR 2.0 as a real phenomenon, but not necessarily an adjunct to Web 2.0; actually, it’s formative predecessor was likely closer to HR 1.0.

If we see HR 1.0 as an Ulrich-like emphasis on “seat at the table,” more business focus, competency-based development of HR talent, less ombudsman-centric, and creating meaningful, relevant HR strategy to match the business, then HR 2.0 must the next iteration or evolution.

HR 2.0, then, is creating and managing a workforce focusing on an organization’s business efforts, and driving real behavioral change — through myriad of related strategies — to effectively attain those organizational goals. It’s holistic, combining all elements seamlessly, including Talent Management, Compensation, Development (leadership & employee), and most importantly, NEEDS TO STOP FOCUSING ON ‘HR,’ AND FOCUS SOLELY AND INTENTLY OUTWARD.

Sorry for the caps, but this cannot be overstated.

In other words, HR 2.0 is not necessarily “about” HR. In fact, it may not even be led or managed by HR. I’ve oft said that, now that we’ve elevated HR’s importance in the organization, it may just become too important to be left with HR…

More on this to come…


Kevin Berchelmann

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