In The Beginning, There Were… DOGS!

In the beginning, there were standards for a job.

And the standards were so high, that none could abide them.

And the standards were lowered…

Terrible way to begin the Good Book of Talent Management, don’t you think? We start out knowing the sort of candidate/employee we are seeking. Of course, since we didn’t plan adequately, though, we really need them right now!

So, as we review, interview, and assess available and interested candidates, sourced through the fastest, easiest means possible, we begin making relative comparisons between them, instead of measuring each candidate against our requirements.

You’ll recognize this trap when you catch yourself saying, “Well, she’s certainly the best we’ve seen so far,” or “He’s got more experience in our industry than the last guy we interviewed.” And it is, in fact, a trap.

Don’t fall for it.

If you are looking for a cat, and all you are offered is dogs, remember that even if you get the pick-of-the-litter, you’re still getting a dog. And that’s not what you were looking for when you started.Bulldog-2

Plan ahead, stay focused, and realize that — usually — we’re better off when we hold out for the “cat” we need than settling for the best “dog” available…

Be Brazen.


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