Leadership & Automatic Crap

Change is good.

Change is the only constant.

I like change… I’m a change agent.

Yeah, right. I’m calling bullshit. Enough already with this change-kumbaya stuff. Sometimes, change is essential for growth, for progress, hell even for organizational survival. Sometimes.

I get that.

But sometimes, we change for changes’ sake, and that’s just got to stop. Take automation, for example… At some point in our storied, sordid organizational evolution, we determined that anything we do can be made “better” if we simply automate it. Sort of like adding bacon makes all food better.Changes Ahead

Except it’s true about the bacon

Too frequently, though, we have processes in our organizations that just don’t work well. They aren’t all that effective, aren’t necessarily efficient, and truthfully, should be drastically modified or deep-sixed altogether.

In other words, many of our existing processes are crap. And if we take crap to begin with, then automate it, you know what we get?

Automatic crap.

And we want this? Really? Instead of using a bad manual process and taking several hours, or even days, to screw something up, we put the technology in place to now screw it up at the mere push of a couple of buttons.

Automatic crap. That’s change we can do without.

Be Brazen.


Kevin Berchelmann


  1. says

    Make sure that you have the correct process first. We can’t assume we have things right until we verify. The way we’ve always done it doesn’t make it right. Good reminder Kevin!

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