Leadership Laws: #5

In this final related blog entry, I’m closing out the “5 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” I outlined in a recent article.

This fifth law is something we all wrestle with mightily. It’s caused many a manager or leader to be ineffective, or less than fully effective, and robbed many an employee of the benefits of nearby, accessible leadership.

Law #5. Employees need their managers to be leaders; they don’t need a shoulder, a buddy, a simpatico, or a commiserator. If you want a friend, buy a dog.

We really do struggle with this. Everyone wants to be liked, and it always seems difficult to decline a beer after work, or something similar.

I’m not advocating a monk-like existence, disallowing any contact with your troops; merely reminding you that they would like to have a friend, but they need a leader if they are to be successful.

You do want them to be successful, don’t you?

Thanks for your patience as I moved through these 5 irrefutable laws (at least in my opinion). These laws are fairly intuitive, and certainly not rocket science… or brain surgery… or rocket surgery.

They are simple management and leadership axioms that have passed the test of time.

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that work. Try it sometime — you just might like it.


Kevin Berchelmann

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