Leadership sometimes requires Leaders. Whouldathunkit??

In the linked article, GE’s Chief Executive Jeffrey Immelt said “…the company is preparing for a once-in-a-generation “reset” as it tries to weather what he called the worst recession in 80 years.”

He goes on to say that there’s a great deal of uncertainty on “next steps,” and that it’s very difficult to “gauge this recession.”

In other words, my staff economists, accountants, and dedicated soothsayers have hit a sort of futurist’s “wall.” We are, as they say, in unchartered territory.

Times ike these don’t have nice, neat, mathematical models. No actuarial tables or trendlines with obvious outcomes. No crystal ball with a clear vision of what is yet to come.

Sometimes, we, as leaders, must use real leadership.

Now is that time. Step up, evaluate, decide. You don’t have all the nearly-guaranteed future state’s to follow, and your staffs simply don’t have their normal repoirtee about what’s coming down the tracks.

It might be a train, it might be the way out.

We’ll only find it — successfuly — if we buckle down and realize that now is the time for real leadership. Not just the final crunch in a number-crunching food chain. Now, we use intellect, experience, and judgment based on the same.

Now, we simply must act like leaders.

Watch for icebergs, and Full Speed Ahead.

But that’s just me…


Kevin Berchelmann

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