Outsource or Die…!

Yep, no kidding…

If you are leading an in-house human resources effort today, and not currently or actively considering outsourcing much of your task-driven work today, get your resume polished up.

You’ll be needing it.

No, this isn’t merely because I’m a consultant hoping to win your outsourced business. It’s because reality is slapping us in the face: We cannot accomplish these task-driven administrative minutiae efforts as cost-effectively as we can outsource them, nor can we maintain the level of talent necessary to be really good at it.

As a friend enjoys telling me, “This ain’t rocket surgery.”

Besides, you don’t need to be doing those things anyway. Businesses need real HR talent doing things that contribute to the success of the business — documenting a beneficiary change to someone’s life insurance doesn’t fit that definition.

Get out of the trenches, and go do something important.

Before you need that resume again…



Kevin Berchelmann

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