Pick of the Litter

Don’t get stuck with a dog…

You are searching for a valuable contributor; an able-bodied addition to your staff. You know — or have a really good idea – what you need in the way of skills, knowledge, and experience.

You network, post, advertise, and collect. Now, you’re faced with a mountain of resumes, applications, letters of interests and referrals so large that the national debt looks like change from a twenty. A few look somewhat promising, still more seem capable; none, however, are really what you were looking for when you started.

Given a pool of candidates, none of which fit your real need, don’t succumb to the “best of the bad” trap. Hold out for the real McCoy; s/he will come along eventually — they always do. Your focus should be laser-like; your resolution firm. Don’t bow to the pressures of expediency — you know what will happen long-term.

Remember: Even if you select the “pick of the litter,” you’re still getting a dog.

Wait for something better.

But that’s just me…


Kevin Berchelmann

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