Reading CAN make you dumber…

A friend of mine, obviously bored out of his proverbial gourd, sent me a selected piece of text from some reading on “Service Oriented Architecture.”

Here’s what he sent:

Technical staff know service oriented architecture as an architectural style centered on decomposition of the solution along service boundaries aligned with the business and in accordance with sound service oriented principles.

Then my friend appropriately proclaimed, “I’m afraid I’m dumber for reading it…”

Really, guys. Really?

“Breaking processes into relevant service tasks,” would have been better. “Backing into action steps” may have even been best.

Simplicity should be our mantra, our constant drum-beat. We try to impress with language that only ring-knockin’ club members can understand, and intentionally obfuscate with extraneous, superfluous, and oft-gratuitous verbiage when a simpler discourse would better accomplish the desired result (that word-play was sarcasm, lest many of you fire off emails my way).

As leaders, let’s neither take part in this ridiculous trend, nor allow it to continue among our staffs. Few of us are actual rocket scientists (apologies to Chris if you’re reading), so let’s make sure that our communications are crafted to actually communicate (I know, crazy thinking!), and not to artificially inflate our own self-worth.

Then maybe, just maybe, we won’t be “dumber for reading it.”

But that’s just me…
(thanks for sending, Kev)


Kevin Berchelmann


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