Well, it’s getting better…

Recently, I was working with the front-line supervisors of a large client of mine. We were discussing how far senior leadership had come since we began down the path of change, evolving from a more “controlling” environment to a more empowered one, with resulting communications, performance expectations, etc.

It’s been an interesting ride.

Anyway, when asked “So, are we making progress?” One supervisor participant offered the comment, “Well, it’s getting better.”

In leadership parlance, folks, that is a rousing success. A standing ovation. The “wave” at a football game. We reached that par-5 in two…

“We’re getting better.” That’s the key to this whole thing, isn’t it? There’s no simple, three-line memo that we can send out that says, “Effective Tuesday, we’ll become better leaders.”

No, it’s a process, and success looks like a series of small victories in succession. We’ve got to work — proactively — at becoming better leaders today to be capable and ready to deal with whatever changes tomorrow brings. And… there will be changes.

Are your folks saying — when you’re not within earshot — “we’re getting better.”?

They should be…


Kevin Berchelmann


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