When hiring, just as in poker, trust your gut… and always cut the cards.

Trust my gut?? Wait a minute, you say. There are a plethora of consultants, authors, academics and human resources gurus telling us that we should never trust our gut. That we should use testing, assessments, behavioral interviewing, and so forth. Nowhere does “trust my gut” come into play.

Pure heresy, you say. Trust your gut? Indeed, Kevin, you’ve gone mad…

Note that I did not say “trust only your gut.” Just realize that, after all the mechanical, methodical, process-driven mumbo-jumbo (some worthwhile, some… well, not so much), including assessments and appropriate behavioral interview results, you’re still left with a crap-shoot – “Can this person do this job for me at this company?”

When you reach that point, the 70-80% certainty and comfort level, trust your gut. Assess your visceral reactions when you met and spoke with the candidate. Ask others for their gut-check as well.

Trust your gut. Then make the decision.


Kevin Berchelmann

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