You’ve got a bad attitude…

…yeah?? Well, you’re ugly.

There. We’re all even now.

Here’s my issue — attitude, morale, thoughts… none really matter in our workplaces.

Sure, we’d love for everyone to have our version of a good attitude. Yes, I can certainly support “good” morale (whatever the heck that is), and of course, I’d prefer everyone thought like me.

None of these, however, really matter. What matters, of course, is observable behavior. It’s the only thing we can really see, act on, and manage to.

Tell someone they have a “bad attitude.” What happens? They close up and get defensive. “No, I don’t,” is the typical reply. Now where are we? No closer to where we want to be, only now the employee is defensive.

Focus on observable behavior.

“John, every time I say ‘Good Morning’ to you, you tell me to jump in a lake.” Now THAT’S observable.

“Pat, I’ve noticed you never delegate work to Jamar over there. Why?” Observable also.

Get to the substance — to the part where we can take action to manage, correct, and/or modify.

Stay focused on things we can see, touch and feel… otherwise, your attitude may be showing.

But that’s just me…


Kevin Berchelmann

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