Change Leadership, Rackspace, and Automatic Crap

I’m always amazed at automation–it’s allowed us to come so far, to realize more efficiencies, effectiveness, and productivity from our obviously dull existences.

But you know what? Automation is not necessarily the right thing in all situations. Changing under the guise of automation sounds sexy, streamlined, and fast. It sounds right.

But what if it isn’t?

For example, in an article I wrote some time ago, I explained that taking a process or task that was not as it should be…that was not performing or accomplishing its intended or stated objective at the time… and then automating it, was, well, stupid.

If you take crap, and automate it, you have automatic crap.

Why doesn’t that sound good to me??

An example: my websites are hosted through a company called Rackspace, based in San Antonio. I actually moved my hosting there originally solely because my nephew (more accurately, my niece’s husband) worked there in sales, and it seemed generally reasonable, though they are more expensive than… well, just about everybody.

Anywhoo, I moved to Rackspace.

Like any hosting company, they make frequent updates, modifications, and changes, all under the guise of making the experience better for me, the paying customer.

Never mind what I think of that B.S., it does happen. Frequently.

And, you would think, they send me an email stating the impending or recent changes? You would be wrong.

No, they send me an email alright, but that email merely sends me to their website where I must sign in (no, it doesn’t link automatically to a signed-in landing page), search the menus for “open tickets,” then open the one that says, “Hey there, we’re updating our hosting. Love, Rackspace.”

Now I’ve gotta tell you, sending me an email to login and search for an “open ticket” that tells me the same thing that should have been in the original damned email to begin with is, well, stupid. Not just inefficient (though it is), not just cumbersome (though it is).. it’s just, plain stupid. S-T-O-O-P-I-D.

Of course, I went to their website, signed in, searched for the ticket, and responded that I thought their process was stupid, and why. Rackspace took it to new heights of idiocy when they sent me a response via that same dumb email process. I signed in, searched and found the ticket, then opened their response, and found:

Hello Kevin, 

Thank you for your response, I will send this information to the appropriate people.

Thank you,

Joseph Ramirez
Rackspace Cloud Sites Support
US: 1-877-934-0407
INTL +1.210.581.0407

Seriously, folks?? SERIOUSLY??

Obviously, I see things just far too simple.

But that’s just me…


Kevin Berchelmann


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