Leadership Training on the Rise

Great article from the Wall Street Journal today…

“Leadership Training Gains Urgency Amid Stronger Economy”

It’s about time. Not because this is something I do, though that’s nice. My clients have known this all along… no, what’s great is that we’re realizing that “hope” is a lousy business strategy, and even worse when used for leadership and management planning.

Those great line employees don’t turn into supervisors just because we give them a fancy business card.

Those mid-level managers don’t drive those change initiatives for us because it’s intuitive.

Senior managers don’t learn vision and direction from reading the Harvard Business Review.

No, if we want trained, effective leaders, we’ve got to make sure they have the skills we need, and are developed with the competencies we’ve identified for success.

This is actually a fairly simple process, no great revelation.

At least that’s what I think.

But that’s just me…

Kevin Berchelmann


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    Cool, Anna; I'll have to change my sig/tagline to read "But that's just 'us…'" 🙂

    Your comments are spot on as well; too often, the gateway to management is some totally unrelated performance or qualification. And then we wonder why they fail…

    Thanks for responding.


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    Yes, that is a great article. And I totally agree: It's about time. I am originally from Germany and joke with my friends back home that any 'arse' here in the US can go into management. I did. I received a college degree in business administration and then all of a sudden, *poof*, one day I was the unit manager of a restaurant with 23 employees. Barriers of entry into management are about as low as creating a website about weight loss.
    Kevin – it's not just you; it's me, too!

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