“NUTS!!” Decisive Leadership Matters

So, how about this peanut scare?

You’re reading and watching about it daily; yet in looking for cause, we focus on things like oversight, inspection, suppliers, and facility conditions.

Nope… it’s none of those. It’s leadership, pure and simple.

Or, in this case, and incredible lack thereof.

Picture this: The peanut processors knew there were problems, the state inspectors knew there were problems, and the FDA was clearly aware there were problems. All, effectively, ignored their leadership responsibilities, stuck their collective heads in the sand, and said, “not my job.”

And people are being injured. Several have died.

Contrast this tragic comedy of “leaderlessness” to the Tylenol scare in 1982. A day after it was discovered that someone had intentionally tainted several bottles of their product, Johnson and Johnson issued a complete product recall, with coupons for free product in a safer tablet form. At a cost of $100M in 1982 dollars.

And J&J is considered a hero because of its swift and decisive action. Its leadership.

See a slight difference here??

You’re nuts if you don’t.

But that’s just me…


Kevin Berchelmann

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