Why do Leaders make this so HARD??

Frustrated man with hands on face

This is an area where mediocre leaders just don’t get it.

And because of their egocentric defensiveness, they lose a ton of credibility.

I’m frequently asked about the simple things… about what leaders and potential leaders can do, short-term, to improve credibility, respect and trust (the currency of leadership). Without writing a treatise here, suffice to say that there are three very simple things that a leader can do to set herself apart (positively) from the pack:

  1. Ask for input. Even when you already think you know the answer. Many a skeptical manager has been surprised to discover that she really didn’t know everything, and that some of her folks were pretty damned sharp.
  2. Say please and thank you. Face it — no employee with the brains God gave a rock believes when their boss “asks” them to do something, it’s really a choice… what does it hurt, then, to always — ALWAYS — say “please,’ and “thank you?”
  3. Admit mistakes. Freely. And don’t water them down with that passive-aggressive crap, like “I probably shouldn’t have done that, but…” or “In hindsight…” Call it like it is — I SCREWED UP! I made a mistake, and I hope to do better. Then LEAVE IT ALONE!

These three things — all by themselves — can help leaders stand out from the mediocre masses. You’d think it was pulling teeth, though, since none are as common as they should be.

Be Brazen.


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