Can I Motivate Without a Budget?

But I don’t have any money… How can I possibly motivate my staff?

Can we motivate without money? Never mind that money, for most of us, isn’t much of a real motivator anyway… can we?

Sure, it’s simple — use your leadership skills and lead. Some tips to consider…

1. Be honest and become really trustworthy. Do what you say you’ll do.

2. Remember always: You are not responsible for a person’s happiness.

3. Give praise promptly and specifically when it is due.

4. Root out poor management; it’s a huge drain on staff morale, adversely affecting business performance.

5. Address poor/non-performance quickly, fairly and unemotionally.

6. Give your team flexibility, and the room to do their work. Not many people work better with micro-management…

7. Create a compelling, energizing vision of your future.

8. Send handwritten notes. Thank yous, Birthdays, Company Anniversaries, or simply for motivation and/or encouragement.

9. Remind people that you — their leader — are there, and there for them.

As a leader, you motivate most, and most significantly, by leading. Do that first.

But that’s just me…

Kevin Berchelmann

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